House in Style designs and produces a stylish and exclusive collection of bed and bath textiles, home accessories and home-wear, made from high-quality fabrics and with an eye for detail.

One of the most important House in Style hallmarks is our passion for beautiful, exclusive materials and fabrics. House in Style has a wide collection of duvet covers, pillow cases, flat and fitted sheets in luxurious materials, such as linen, satin cotton, percale cotton, Egyptian cotton, organic cotton (GOTS certified) with high thread counts. In addition, House in Style offers a collection of bathroom items in matching colours. Wonderfully comfortable home-wear and fantastic home accessories, such as throws, bedspreads and decorative cushions/pillows, with a stylish line of home fragrances to complete the lifestyle brand.

All items are manufactured sustainably in Europe, with respect for the environment and great attention to detail. House in Style works with ISO certified family businesses with many years of experience in producing high quality bed linens, bath towels, table linens, clothing and knitted products. Their craftsmanship stems from a passion for creating high-quality products.

Special materials and colours

House in Style stands for timeless, high-quality products made from fair, pure and natural materials.

House in Style designs and produces its products in-house. We are constantly looking for special materials and fabrics. Our colours are inspired by the colours of the earth, air and water. The House in Style collection contains many beautiful fabrics, such as Egyptian cotton, linen, jersey cotton and wool. The collection is always based on beautiful shades of grey, offering you an endless array of product combinations.

All items are finished with an eye for detail. Stonewash and other finishes ensure that the bed linen and bath towels are deliciously soft. You will never want to leave your bed again once you curl up under House in Style's bedding.

A complete and harmonious collection

The entire House in Style collection has been designed with one thought in mind, using different materials with a variety of finishes and in multiple colours. This results in a collection with a wide choice of different products that all co-ordinate perfectly. You can easily combine different styles, materials and colours to give your home a fresh, stylish and exclusive look.

New collections from House in Style always match seamlessly with existing products, as well as the latest trends in home and interior design. This gives you long-lasting enjoyment of our products and they never go out of style.

Our history

House in Style was established in 2011 by Pieter and Desiree Schouten. Both have extensive business experience and share a passion for beautiful products. The main pillars of their lifestyle brand are:

  • Timeless, high-quality products;

  • The use of pure and natural materials;

  • Colours inspired by the colours of nature;

  • Love for textiles and interiors;

  • Fair and sustainable production methods.

With its passion for beautiful fabrics, interiors and fashion, House in Style is constantly developing new products. House in Style offers stylish furnishings for your living environment. The goal is to create a collection that puts the finishing touches to your interior. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.