Montpellier 180x210cm/height 40cm

Type: Bed skirt
Delivery time: 1-2 business days
Material: 100% cotton percale top/ linen border

Material properties

Percale is 100% cotton, but high-quality. Percale cotton has a minimum thread count of 200, resulting in a strong and smooth fabric. This is possible because for percale cotton the cotton fibres are combed until they are very fine so that thinner threads can be woven. As a result, parcel comforters feel very soft and smooth. Those who appreciate quality will prefer percale over regular cotton.


We have sheets size 180 x 290 cm (suitable for a twin bed) and size 270 x 290 cm (suitable for a queen size and king size bed). The sheets come standard without pillow cases. You can order pillow cases from us separately in various sizes.

Wash recommendations

White and light coloured bedding can be washed at at least 40°C up to 60° on the main program. Please also use a liquid detergent without bleach agent. Our bed linen is not suitable for industrial cleaning.

Wash dark bedding at 40° on the main program. It is preferable to use a liquid detergent that was specially made for coloured laundry (without bleaching agent). We recommend that you use “colour catcher” sheets, especially the first few times. It is better for the environment if you wash at 40°C. Please do not use too much detergent, follow the dosing listed on the packaging.

Always wash duvets and pillow cases inside out. This will make the last longer.

Duvets and towels may not sit in water for an extended period of time or be left in the washing machine after washing. We recommend that you take your laundry out of the machine as soon as it is done.
Drying in the dryer preferable at a very low temperature. It is better to dry in the outside air. This way the linens will be nice and fresh and once it is dry it will have less wrinkles.

Read full washing advice