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The collection is inspired by earthy colours, creating a restful, stylish atmosphere in your home. All of our products are, of course, produced sustainably. Our collection includes blankets, spreads, deco cushions and beautiful table linens with matching napkins.

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  1. Kos Plaid 140 - 260
    Kos Plaid 140 - 260 Plaid Cotton
    As low as €97.97
  2. Kos Sierkussen 50-50 cm
    Kos Sierkussen 50-50 cm Deco cushion Cotton
    As low as €29.95
  3. Kussenvulling synthetisch
    Kussenvulling synthetisch Inner cushion
    As low as €7.00
  4. Laura Plaid
    Laura Plaid
    As low as €149.95
    Laura Plaid, stoere stonewashed met franjes in off white en natural Learn More
  5. Laura Sierkussen
    Laura Sierkussen
    As low as €39.95
  6. Loulou linen tablecloth and napkin
    Loulou linen tablecloth and napkin Table sheet Stonewashed Linnen
    As low as €26.00
    Tablecloth Loulou Tablecloth Loulou proves that you do not have to leave you home to taste the luxurious atmosphere that you’ll encounter in an exclusive restaurant. This tablecloth is available in the classic colours sand an white. Where the natural linen contributes to a distinctly serene atmosphere, the fringes at the end ensure a contemporary touch. Ready to lift your dinners to the next level? The matching napkins have one crocheted edge, and the tablecloths feature decorative edging on all sides. The napkins are only available per 2 pieces, the mentioned price is for 2 pcs. Learn More
  7. Malaga Sierkussenhoes 40x60cm
    Malaga Sierkussenhoes 40x60cm Deco cushion Stonewashed Linnen
    As low as €34.95
  8. Malo 130x150cm
    Malo 130x150cm Table sheet Stonewashed Linnen
    As low as €55.97
    Tablecloth Malo is available in two different quality standards. One is made from 50% linen and 50% cotton in which the material's yarn is dyed and a white version is also available in 100% stonewashed linen.

    The tablecloth is extremely useful, since different sections can be buttoned together. This makes the Malo suitable for extra-long tables and means that the table is always nicely set for dinner parties of any size.

    The Malo is available as a tablecloth and a napkin. The tablecloth measures 130 x 150 cm per section and the napkin 45 x 45 cm. To create a playful effect, it is also nice to combine different colours.
    Learn More
  9. Manchester Sierkussenhoes 40x60cm
    Manchester Sierkussenhoes 40x60cm Deco cushion Wool
    As low as €79.95
    A best-seller from the House of Style collection. This chunky, hand-knitted woolen cushion cover gives any interior extra allure and is available in stunning colours. The Manchester cushion cover beautifully combines with the Devon blanket. Learn More
  10. Maxime linnen tafellaken en servet
    Maxime linnen tafellaken en servet
    As low as €11.95
    Tafellaken en servetten Maxime Staat er een romantische diner op het menu? Een casual etentje met vrienden op de planning? Of ben je op zoek naar een tafelkleed dat je iedere dag met plezier uit de kast trekt? Het stijlvolle tafellaken Maxime is verkrijgbaar – in combinatie met de bijpassende servetten – in de meest uiteenlopende kleuren. Met dit type tafellaken kun je dus iedere gewenste stijl neerzetten! Kies dark grey voor dat romantische avondje, sand als je vrienden over de vloer krijgt en light pink voor dagelijks gebruik. Servetten worden enkel per 2 stuks verkocht, de aangegeven prijs is voor 2 servetten. Learn More
  11. House in Style mohairwol plaid Moscow voor op de bed of bank
    Moscow Plaid 130 - 240 Plaid Wool
    As low as €119.95
    Plaid Moscow is niet alleen heel zacht en knus maar ook heel stijlvol! Gemaakt van een wolmix – wol en polyester – is deze plaid met gebreide stof een prachtig accessoire voor op je bank of bed. Combineer met de kussenhoes uit dezelfde lijn. Learn More
  12. Moscow Sierkussenhoes 50x50cm
    Moscow Sierkussenhoes 50x50cm Deco cushion Wool
    As low as €49.95
  13. Naomi linen throw
    Naomi linen throw Plaid
    As low as €149.95
    Blanket Naomi So simple but so beautiful in combination with the passion for linen bedlinen. This knitted plaid is made of 60 % linen and 40 % cotton (700 gr/m2) and is available in four beautiful ton-sur-ton colors, linen, dark gray, purple and dark blue. Available in size 140-260 Learn More
  14. House in Style linnen sprei met katoen doorgestikt luxe sprei voor op het bedeinde of over het hele bed.
    Nice Sprei Throw Stonewashed Linnen
    As low as €202.97
    A real best-seller in the House of Style collection. The Nice is a luxury stitched blanket with a 100% stonewashed linen front side and a 100% percale cotton reverse. This blanket turns any bedroom into a luxury hotel room. Stylish and timeless. The Nice is available in two sizes and many different colours. Learn More
  15. Patara Plaid 140 - 260
    Patara Plaid 140 - 260 Plaid Cotton
    As low as €139.95
  16. Sierkussen Rapallo White / Grey
    Rapallo White / Grey Sale Deco cushion Cotton
    As low as €22.50
    Finely stitched 100% cotton cushion cover with a bohemian look. This deco cushion is both casual and chic. Lovely for on the bed or the couch and easily washable in the washing machine. Learn More
  17. Roomdiffuser Figue chique
    Roomdiffuser Figue chique Roomdiffuser
    €27.97 €39.95
  18. Roomdiffuser Fluffy clouds
    Roomdiffuser Fluffy clouds Roomdiffuser
    €27.97 €39.95

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