St. Remy Indigo Kussensloop Sale

Pillow case St. Remy is made from beautiful 100% European-quality linen (front side) and 100% percale cotton (reverse) of 210 thread count quality. This means that the cloth is woven with a finer yarn and a high weave density. The material feels especially soft, thanks to the stonewashed finish.

The front side has the sophisticated look of stonewashed creased linen, while the cotton reverse feels deliciously soft to sleep under. The St. Remy is rugged, shabby chic, strong and easy to care for, because linen is allowed to be creased. In addition, the St. Remy is timeless and easy to combine, both in modern and rustic interiors.

The pillow case is available in attractive shades of grey.
Type: Pillowcase
Delivery time: 1-2 business days
Material: Stonewashed Linen
Color: Indigo

Material properties

The look of linen bedding cannot be compared with other materials, and sleeping under linen bedding also ensures a proven better rest and sleep comfort. The ecologic and anti-bacterial characteristics of linen comforters and linen sheets regulate the body temperature and ensure a natural acclimatisation. Linen bedding is even recommended for people with allergies. Our linen is stonewashed, making it soft and giving it a slightly wrinkled look. Therefore these comforters do not need to be ironed.


Our pillows have an envelope closing: an overlapping back panel of 20cm so that the pillow stays in place.

Wash recommendations

We recommend that you wash our linen at up to 40 degrees in the washing machine. We also recommend that you do not overload your washing machine because this can cause the fibres to break down. It is best that you dry your linen bedding outside and in the dryer for the last 30 minutes to get the soft feel. Do you prefer to dry your bedding in the dryer, then we recommend that dry it separate from the other laundry at medium temperature.

Our collection consists of prewashed linen (stonewashed linen). Therefore the width and length sizes are not exact. The stonewashed linen fabrics are soft and have a slightly wrinkled effect. Therefore it is not necessary to iron these duvets and sheets.


Read full washing advice
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